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Metabolic engineering

Fine-tune biosynthetic pathways for optimal traits and fitness

Metabolic engineering

Metabolic engineering is the reconstruction and optimization of biosynthetic pathways in model organisms, modifying the host’s genome to create a robust “cellular factory” carefully tuned to efficiently carry out a specific task. Using recombinant or novel genes or gene circuits, metabolic pathways are modified or introduced into genomes of microbe hosts like E. coli or yeast. These genetically engineered hosts are routinely employed to more effectively produce valuable biomolecules for a variety of biomedical, industrial, and research applications. Before the advancement of gene editing techniques and gene synthesis, metabolic engineering required painstaking purification or chemical synthesis processes that resulted in low yield and poor specificity.

Metabolic Engineering

Accelerate your metabolic engineering workflow

With the capabilities of gene synthesis using the BioXp™ system and the complex genetic circuitry made possible with Gibson Assembly® technology, the speed and accuracy of metabolic engineering has never been simpler.

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