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Synthetic mRNA

Accelerating discovery by automating mRNA synthesis

A new paradigm in mRNA synthesis

Sequence In. mRNA Out. Overnight.

The BioXp 3250™ enables you to rapidly, accurately and reproducibly build or “write” high-quality synthetic mRNA in a push-button, end-to-end automation system. This consolidated build solution helps you accelerate your overall design-build-test paradigm and advance discovery.

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Accelerate your discovery

  • Synthesize as many as 16 unique, biologically active custom mRNA fragments in a single run (-20 hours)

Enhance your efficiency

  • Automate numerous steps and go from pooled oligos to mRNA.
  • Eliminates manual steps, rigid protocols and time or resource investment from highly skilled FTEs.

Get consistent quality

  • The BioXp™ 3250 uses our Industry standard Gibson Assembly® method and automation workflow to ensure high-quality synthetic mRNA output with every run.

Automate the building of mRNA to remove bottlenecks in your discovery process

Recent advances in mRNA stability, immunogenicity, expression, and delivery have boosted the promise of mRNA as a therapeutic molecule. Rapidly emerging categories of mRNA drugs include vaccines, cell therapies and replacement therapies.

Procuring synthetic mRNA, can often be time consuming and expensive, creating a bottleneck for discovery. The process of building mRNA from sequence is inherently complex and requires numerous steps. This means most researchers are subjected to the long lead times, inconsistency or the tedious workflows of existing mRNA solutions whether in-house or outsourced.


"The goal of our research is to develop novel mRNA therapeutics to rare genetic diseases. We are committed to doing so quickly and effectively; however, we are restrained by the large amount of time it takes from design to assessment of the new therapeutic."

Boris Resnick, Scientist II, mRNA Therapy and Research at Ultragenyx.



  • Use the guided design tools on the BioXp™ design portal to order sequences

BioXp™ 3250

  • Load the custom pooled oligo plates on the BioXp system.


  • After an overnight run, retrieve biologically active mRNAs and the template DNA from the BioXp™ for downstream testing.

BioXp™ small scale mRNA synthesis kit

The BioXp™ mRNA synthesis workflow provides an automated solution for rapid synthesis of high-quality mRNAs in days instead of the weeks that it typically takes in current workflows.

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BioXp™ kits
BioXp™ small scale mRNA synthesis kit

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