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Genome synthesis and engineering

Engineer large, complex, fully-synthetic genomes

Genetic research

DNA synthesis has become a fundamental tool throughout genetic research with increasing demand from scientists who are continuously looking to incorporate synthetic DNA into new cell-based discovery and production workflows. Addressing this growing demand requires the ability to quickly make large error-free DNA molecules comprising entire gene sequences.

Traditional molecular cloning and gene editing steps are tedious, manual in nature and require cellular transformation, which can take three to four weeks. Moreover, in addition to being time- consuming, classic genome engineering and DNA assembly techniques are limited in the size and complexity of constructs that can be engineered.

Genome research

Overcome limitations of classic genome engineering and DNA assembly techniques

The BioXp™ system enables rapid synthesis within days to weeks, as well as the ability to modify large constructs and full-length genomes.

The BioXp™ system provides an automated workflow solution enabling users to:

  • Engineer genomes and vaccine scaffolds that were previously inaccessible due to size, complexity, and resource limitations
  • Engineer fully synthetic genomes lacking pathogenicity through rational redesign
  • Rapidly pursue research and development of emerging strains or modify existing genomic constructs based on experimental results
BioXp™ system

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