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Antibody drug discovery

Advance discovery by accelerating screening and optimization

Biologics-based discovery of novel therapeutics

Biologics-based discovery of novel therapeutics is one of the most important areas of research for improving medical advances through engineering of antibodies or other proteins for cancer treatment, infectious diseases, and inflammatory or autoimmune disorders. Monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, single-domain antibody variants, chimeric antigen receptor T cells (CAR-Ts) and T cell receptors (TCRs) have become invaluable therapies, due to their robust recognition of targets and relatively lower side effects compared to traditional small molecule therapies.

Researchers involved in biologics discovery and antibody and protein engineering often leverage DNA variant library screening as an essential step in the discovery workflow. A major constraint in antibody discovery has been long lead times associated with sourcing custom-built DNA libraries used to screen new antibody variants.

Antibody Drug Discovery

Increase specificity and shorten timelines

The BioXp™ system provides an accelerated path for generating combinatorial libraries, variant gene fragments, and clones across all steps, including screening, optimization, and expression. This increases the quantity and quality of suitable candidates to advance into additional downstream applications, and reduces build cycle time by over 80%. The BioXp™ system can deliver up to 32 libraries in 24 hours (once the reagents are received), compared to traditional methods, which can take weeks to months. We believe adopting the BioXp™ system into the antibody or protein engineering workflow can result in the increased generation of validated leads.

Improvements in target validation rates by automating and streamlining antibody production

Case study: Adopting the BioXp™ system compresses design-build-test cycle times and increases pipeline by 25% for one biopharmaceutical company developing an antibody-based therapeutic

Engineered T cells have been used successfully to treat several leukemias and solid tumors. However, building and screening engineered T cell receptors is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Learn how a biopharmaceutical company transitioned from a traditional method of building expression constructs for chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) to an automated method using the BioXp™ system. The BioXp™ system is the world’s first and only commercially available push-button automated platform for on-demand synthesis of DNA fragments, libraries, and more. The traditional method relied on manual processes for DNA fragment synthesis, cloning, and tracking the reactions. The large number of candidates required for screening made this method prone to human error, cumbersome, and complicated. Adopting the BioXp™ system streamlined the building of expression constructs, eliminating several manual processes from the workflow, and accelerated the identification of lead candidates.


How the BioXp™ system streamlines variant library construction for vaccine development

Scientists in Belgium slashed development times by a month with automated DNA synthesis

Don’t miss this poster, presented at SLAS 2021, describing how a research team cut a full month from their vaccine development time by automating the variant library construction workflow.

They originally used manual cloning methods to explore the use of nanobodies as a novel delivery vehicle for more effective vaccine designs. But implementing the automated BioXp system from Codex DNA streamlined this process, allowing for the production of 30 constructs in a single overnight run.

In addition to the time savings, the final products were better too. Almost all constructs yielded an error-free clone after sequencing just two colonies.

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