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Build genes

Any size. On demand. In your lab.

Synthesize genes at scale

With the power of the BioXp™ system, you can accelerate the speed of science and synthesize genes at scale, with the industry's leading turnaround time and product quality, at an unbelievably low price per base, all in the privacy of your lab.

Build gene fragments for assembly into larger genes or pathways.

Fastest turnaround time

Fastest turnaround time

Streamlined online ordering portal.
From order to gene in 3 to 5 days.

Rapidly iterate your DNA constructs

Ultimate flexibility

Starting at 8¢ per base pair.
No order minimums.

Elucidate gene function and pathways

Industry-leading performance

The lowest error rate in the industry at 1:30,000 bp.

Compatible with nearly all downstream cloning methods

Product specifications

Size: 0.3–3.6 kb
Vector options: Codex DNA vector or your own
Price: Starting at 8¢ per bp
Minimum order: 1 gene
Yield: 100 ng–15 μg
System runtime: < 18 hours
Total turnaround time: 3–5 days from order to cloned genes


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