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BioXp™ 9600 System

The next generation high-throughput synthetic biology workstation for accelerating discovery

Transforming synthetic biology workflows

The BioXp™ 9600 system enables researchers to accelerate iterative design-build-test discovery cycles through automated, rapid, high-throughput synthesis of biological molecules from digital sequence. Designed to enable hands-free synthesis of genes, clones and variant libraries in a single overnight run, this system empowers researchers to simplify complex, high-throughput synthesis for discovery workflows.

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The complete, automated solution for high-throughput synthetic biology

The BioXp 9600 solution enables automated synthesis of gene fragments and clones from digital sequence. The BioXp™ kits include all of the custom reagents to build, amplify and assemble DNA fragments, clones and variant libraries on the BioXp™ system. The complete solution includes the myBioXperience™ portal to simplify and secure the ordering of designs, reagent kits, and workstations and enable the generation of synthetic DNA in days not weeks.

Gene synthesis

Custom high-fidelity gene fragments

Gene synthesis

DNA cloning

Custom fragments cloned into any vector

DNA cloning
Number of fragments per run Up to 96
Number of clones per run Up to 96
Format 96-well plate
Assembly runtime 6-21 hours; variable, based on application
Fragment length 300 to 1,800 bp

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