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Whether you're amplifying complex DNA constructs or looking for an alternative to E. coli, Codex DNA provides high-quality reagent solutions backed by Gibson Assembly® technology.

Gibson Assembly® kits

The Gibson Assembly® method is the world’s most trusted technique to build seamless, high-fidelity DNA, with over 4,000 citations and counting.

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RapidAMP™ kits

Build and amplify complex DNA constructs quickly with Gibson Assembly® RapidAMP™ kits. Begin with a linearized vector — plus up to three linear DNA insert fragments, 300 bp to 1,800 bp each — and assemble via Gibson Assembly® technology to generate a circular cloning product.

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Vmax™ X2 cells

Vmax™ X2 chemically competent cells are a next-generation bacterial expression system, doubling two times faster than E. coli, and generating significantly greater amounts of biomass and protein per volume of cells. They are engineered to retain the benefits of traditional bacterial protein expression systems.

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