Discover our newest bacteria expression system: Vmax™ X2 Cells from SGI-DNA. This Image features a scientist examining a pea-tree dish under the light.

Vmax™ X2 cells

The world's fastest-growing bacterial strain

The most robust expression and growth of any bacterial competent cell

Significantly less endotoxin than E. coli

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The only next-generation bacterial expression system


A new host system with advantages over E. coli

Discover Vmax™ X2 cells

Incorporates into your existing workflow

Vmax™ X2 cells are compatible with plasmids and antibiotics commonly used with bacterial expression systems such as E. coli BL21 (DE3) and have a transformation efficiency rivaling the best alternative protein expression strains. Built with a tightly controlled, IPTG-inducible T7 promoter system, Vmax™ X2 cells can be cultured using routine growth medium, as well as commercial auto-induction media, or our Vmax™ enriched growth media (recommended for rapid growth and greatest accumulation of biomass). In addition, Vmax™ X2 cells can be induced over a wide range of timepoints, from an OD600 of 0.1 to over 1.0, without loss of final protein yield, dramatically increasing workflow flexibility.

Using Vmax™ cells in place of conventional E. coli strains allowed us to reduce our media costs in half due to the 2–4X higher expression yields and the ability to induce Vmax™ cells before reaching exponential phase.

Klaus Zangger | University of Graz

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