Tom Braden

Vice President of Global Operations

Tom Braden is the Vice President of Global Operations of Codex DNA. Over the past 30 years, he has had a distinguished career as an entrepreneur and life sciences executive.

In July of 2018, Tom joined Codex DNA as VP of Global Operations. Under his leadership, Codex moved into a new facility in June of 2019, introduced a new ERP platform, improved the quality of both the reagents and BioXp 3200 instrument and automated manufacturing processes to support increasing production requirements.

Tom has previously been an Operations Vice President of several life sciences companies through expansive phases of financial and commercial growth including Pharmingen (acquired by Becton Dickinson), Invitrogen (merged with ABI to become Life Technologies, and then acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific), and eBioscience (acquired by Affymetrix, who was then acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific). Tom was also an independent Biotechnology Consultant for DiscoverX Corporation (acquired by Eurofins), Tonbo Biosciences, and Tearfilm Incorporated. Tom previously served as Manufacturing Director at Hybritech Incorporated (now Eli Lilly and Company).

Tom received a B.S degree in Biology/Chemistry with a Business minor from the Eastern Kentucky University.