Multi-tile assembly and cloning

For use in your lab using the BioXp™ 3200 system

Eliminate sub-cloning completely

Build complex structures

Maximize throughput with a plate-based format

Rapidly iterate DNA design


Make discoveries in days, not months

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Assemble larger complex DNA constructs

The first fully automated seamless cloning strategy that allows for the scarless insertion of multiple DNA fragments into multiple expression vectors.

SGI-DNA’s BioXp™ 3200 system has adapted Gibson Assembly® technology to produce a variety of multi-fragment assembly combinations in less than 15 hours, enabling BioXp™ instrument users to generate large multi-variant constructs, cloned into single or multiple vectors. BioXp™ MTAC sequences range in size between 300 and 1800 bp, which can be combined for a length up to 3,600 bp. Constant regions of virtually any length can also be cloned into the designed plasmid.

Harnessing the ease of the scarless Gibson Assembly® method, the MTAC kit allows flexible design capabilities for a variety of downstream applications.

Antibody engineering

Flexible design options of variable heavy chain and light chain sequences produce antibody variants, including multicistronic and multi-specific antibody constructs. Constructs can be combined with your constant backbone or linker and cloned into desired vectors.

Synthetic biology

The BioXp™ MTAC kit provides control and flexibility, automating assembly of complex sequences up to 3.6 kb for multiple downstream formats.