RapidAMP™ kits

High-yield transfection-ready DNA

Validated hits in under a week

Synthesis to screen in 24 hrs

Avoid E. coli transformations

Clone difficult constructs

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Build and amplify complex DNA constructs quickly

A robust amplification workflow

The Gibson Assembly® RapidAMP™ workflow allows microgram amounts of specific DNA constructs in a few hours

The workflow produces clean, high-yield DNA material. A representative gel below shows clean bands post-restriction digest and before any DNA purification. After cloning and amplification on the bench, or with the BioXp™ 3200 system, the final DNA product can be digested to linear form and is then ready for downstream applications, negating the need for traditional E. coli transformation and plasmid purification. RapidAMP™ technology has been used successfully for transfection (lipofection and electroporation) and in vitro transcription.

Cloning without E. coli — Gene assembly and amplification of up to 24 full endotoxin-free constructs

Scale up with the BioXp™ system

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RapidAMP™ workflows vs. traditional cloning

Save over a week (from two to nine days)