Build DNA variant libraries

On demand. In your lab.

The power of a well-designed library

Our codon-optimizing AI engine and expert DNA designers ensure your library design contains the exact modifications you want, exactly where you want them, saving you valuable time and resources for the downstream screening process.

Scanning and site saturation libraries

Superior precision and diversity compared to random or site directed mutagenesis

Built precisely

No introduction of stop or unwanted codons

Precide codon ratio control

Speed and savings

Fastest turnaround time in the industry

More cost effective than recombinatorial mutagenesis

Superior quality

Industry leading accuracy

Includes documentation showing percentage ratio of amino acid variation at each position

Product specifications

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Combinatorial libraries

Highly flexibile

Works for site with stretches of diversity

No concerns about over- or under-representation

Precise and efficient

Precise codon ratio control

More cost-effective than traditional combinatorial mutagenesis

Superior quality

Industry-leading accuracy

Sequence variant ratios documented

Rigorous quality control and verification processes

Product specifications

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Don't see it? You can still build it.

Your BioXp™ system has the power to build any variant library. If you need a particular library designed and built, contact our expert DNA design team and we'll walk you through it.