SGI-DNA is now Codex

Co·dex (kōˌdeks), noun; 1) an ancient manuscript text in book form; 2) an official list of medicines, chemicals; 3) the company formerly known as SGI-DNA, creators of the BioXp™ 3200 system (the world’s first gene printer), the Gibson Assembly® method and reagents, and a synthetic DNA pioneer.

Why Codex?

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What changes?

Every solution and service we offer remains unchanged. Our new company name reflects our commitment to support the scientific community in the fields of personalized medicine, antibody engineering, vaccine development, drug discovery, and DNA data storage, by providing the tools needed to rapidly and securely design, code, and synthesize DNA. What has changed is our mission, and that’s why we’re rebranding.

We look forward to exceeding expectations as we move forward, building biology for the betterment of all living things.

Why now?

Our company originally grew as a division of Synthetic Genomics, Inc. (the SGI in SGI-DNA).

In March of 2019, we spun out as a new and unique corporation with the BioXp™ 3200 system, Gibson Assembly® reagents, variant library services, cloning kits, Vmax™ cells, and more. 

We are now focused exclusively on empowering researchers with all the tools they need to rapidly and independently code and write synthetic DNA.

Why we changed the name from SGI-DNA to Codex can be succinctly answered: we need a name that reflects where we’re going rather than where we’ve been.

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We are decentralizing DNA synthesis to enable scientists and researchers across the globe to BUILD BIOLOGY™

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