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RapidAMP™ isothermal amplification

Faster results for faster science

RapidAMP™ amplification allows researchers and scientists to assemble and amplify constructs to achieve transfection-ready DNA in a single day. Tedious tasks associated with transformation, cell culture, and E. coli harvest can be eliminated, resulting in high-quality, high-fidelity DNA using Gibson Assembly® RapidAMP™ technology in a benchtop reagent kit or using the BioXp™ system.

Cloning without E. coli

Transform your workflow — go from construct design to transfection in a week

Avoid transformations and E. coli cultures while achieving high-yield, endotoxin-free DNA faster. Whether you’re on the bench, starting from PCR and restriction digestion-derived fragments, or starting from gene synthesis, RapidAMP™ isothermal amplification bypasses E. coli transformations, growth cultures, and plasmid preps. On the BioXp™ system, this workflow is expanded, automated, and scaled up. The Codex DNA design and ordering portal enables complex DNA construct design. Up to 24 synthesis fragments and up to 24 amplified constructs can be built, using up to 4 different vectors, in a single overnight run. With a simple restriction digestion of the final amplified products, over 8 µg of DNA per construct is ready for transfection.


RapidAMP™ maintains the highest specificity and most robust amplification vs other RCA kits

Gel chart

RapidAMP™ amplification has been optimized to work in a seamless workflow with Gibson Assembly® cloning and can be done on the BioXp™ system for high-throughput automation


RapidAMP™ master mix formulation relies on rolling circle amplification (RCA) technology. Once a circular template has been assembled, random hexamers bind around the template and allow for the high-fidelity Phi29 polymerase to begin polymerizing new DNA strands. Phi29 will displace upstream newly polymerized DNA as it moves forward and newly displaced strands become templates themselves.

However, unlike the other RCA kits commercially available, RapidAMP™ amplification has both higher yield and higher specificity than competitors. RapidAMP™ amplification is also optimized for high efficiency when added immediately after the Gibson Assembly™ method (no cleanup required) and is therefore ideal for use within cloning workflows.

Expression screen

Fast gene expression for rapid screening and easy iteration

Constructs with genes of interest and fusion tags, up to 3.6 kb, are built, amplified, and can be transfected into mammalian cells in only a couple of days, making gene expression studies flexible and fast.

Expression screen

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