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Digital-to-biological converter

On-demand printer for vaccines and therapeutics anywhere in the world

Revolutionizing vaccine production and distribution

Halting future pandemics with rapid response

Codex DNA aims to transform public health by enabling a new approach to producing vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics. Based on our world-leading automated synthesis technology, we are building a self-contained platform that can print life-saving treatments, starting only from information delivered digitally. We call it the Digital-to-biological converter (DBC) platform.

The DBC approach is revolutionary. Pre-stocked with reagents needed to synthesize genetic material — including DNA, RNA, and proteins, the system will take digitized DNA code sent over the internet, and automatically print and assemble vaccines. The entire process is expected to produce more than 500 vaccine doses within 48 hours, a drastic improvement over the six to nine months required today.

Vaccine development

Establishing a global network of vaccine printers


Bypassing the challenges of production and distribution

By activating a global network of DBC platforms, it will be possible to dramatically accelerate the development and delivery of “on-demand” vaccines anywhere in the world, ultimately allowing rapid responses to disease outbreaks. The instantaneous electronic exchange of sequence data — followed by local gene synthesis and vaccine production — will replace the cumbersome isolation and shipment of viruses and nucleic acids between geographically dispersed sites where vaccines are manufactured. Also, by stocking platforms with all of the materials needed for vaccine synthesis, the DBC network will overcome many of the supply chain challenges that have emerged in the COVID-19 pandemic.

TED talk with our CTO

2018 TED talk with Dan Gibson, PhD

Dan Gibson, PhD, our Chief Technology Officer, introduces the world’s first and only automated platform for personalized medicine and distributed vaccine manufacturing at TED 2018.

Watch the TED Talk

Building a vaccine ready for distribution

The DBC platform will receive digitized DNA code and convert it into over 500 vaccine doses within 48 hours

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Pre-load DBC with reagents required to produce a designated biopolymer

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Receive digitized DNA code

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Start DBC

  • The DBC will enzymatically generate overlapping oligonucleotides that will be assembled and processed to build high-quality synthetic genes (e.g., antigens)
  • Further convert genes into RNA or proteins through in vitro transcription and translation reactions
  • For mRNA vaccines, a fully integrated microfluidic bioreactor with a disposable cartridge and tangential flow filtration (TFF) column will scale capped mRNA production
  • Perform quality control and lot release testing with an onboard qPCR module
  • Transfer vaccine into vials and seal
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Remove distribution-ready vaccine vials from DBC

The BioXp™ 3250 system

Accelerating the development of critical new vaccines and biologics

At the core of the DBC is the BioXp™ 3250 system, the world’s only fully automated synthetic biology workstation, which already performs most of the steps required to print vaccines and is paving the way for a global solution to prevent future pandemics.

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