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Genome editing

High-throughput design for CRISPR experiments

Genetic modification

Genome editing using CRISPR technology has become one of the most important scientific advancements due to its specificity and efficiency. Originally discovered as an RNA-based adaptive immune response in E. coli, the CRISPR/Cas9 system contains both guide RNA — for sequence-specific targeting, and an endonuclease, Cas9 — that cuts foreign DNA, and allows integration with the host genome. The parallel rise of synthetic biology has made the design and assembly process of gRNA expression vectors as efficient and versatile as the genome editing tool itself.

Genetic modification

Genome editing workflows at unprecedented speeds

The BioXp™ system allows for high-throughput gene synthesis and cloning of gRNA expression cassettes, regardless of vector size and complexity. In addition, CRISPR plasmid design no longer has to be tethered to an E. coli cloning system with Gibson Assembly RapidAMP™ technology, combining cloning and vector amplification in smaller mini-circle plasmids absent of E. coli-based genes, thus improving overall transfection efficiency. Custom cDNA libraries are also available with the fastest turnaround time and competitive prices through our library services, or build your own — in your lab — with the BioXp™ system, allowing your proprietary vectors to never leave your lab.

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