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Vaccine development

Rapid development. Increased specificity. Better efficiency.

Vaccine development

Creation of new vaccines for infectious diseases, and as cancer therapeutics, is one of the most important areas where synthetic biology has incredible potential for rapidly advancing progress.

For development of DNA vaccines, de novo gene synthesis allows for increased specificity of antigen proteins, more efficient vaccine adjuvants, and safer specialized vectors. Through codon-optimization of these genes and vectors, targeted and safe vaccines are created rapidly enough to treat newly emerging viral threats, such as influenza A and Ebola, or for cancer-related infections, like human papilloma virus (HPV).

Gaining a better understanding of how infection occurs will enhance future immunity for a wide variety of diseases we’re only beginning to recognize. In addition, new therapeutic anti-tumor vaccines will be able to use highly specific tumor antigens to generate a targeted, immune-mediated anti-tumor response.

Vaccine Development

Advancing vaccine development

Gene synthesis with codon optimization and mutant libraries using the BioXp™ system has increased the speed of vaccine development, as well as the efficiency and safety of the resulting recombinant genes, adjuvants, and vectors. Pairing antigen epitope mapping technology with the BioXp™ system's ability to rapidly iterate is accelerating the rational design strategies for vaccine development.

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