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Immune monitoring

Rapid screening for safe, responsive immunotherapy treatment

Immune monitoring

Immune monitoring for patients receiving cancer immunotherapy is vital for understanding the process and efficacy throughout the course of the treatment. Especially in patients who are receiving novel immune-modulating therapies, characterizing the immune status for insights into the therapy’s potential is essential. Speed and efficiency of immune assays allow for real-time feedback and the ability to be agile in each patient’s treatment regimen.

Immune Monitoring

Screen faster and improve efficacy

The BioXp™ system's high-throughput gene synthesis and flexible cloning modalities allow for quick screening and design of novel chimeric antigen receptors (CARs), engineered TCRs, and artificial transcription factors. Different CAR designs can therefore be investigated to enhance their tumor specificity or to fine-tune T cell activity. Further, the development of novel gene circuits or CARs to increase effectiveness of CAR T cell therapy by engineering T cell mobility or mitigating immunosuppressive cues in the cancer microenvironment can help drive improved efficacy.

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