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Accelerate breakthrough discoveries

Harness the power of synthetic biology with our novel solutions

Codex DNA is dedicated to addressing the bottlenecks in current synthetic biology workflows to advance your breakthroughs. As a pioneer in automated bench top synthetic biology systems, we accelerate the design-build-test paradigm enabling researchers to rapidly, accurately and reproducibly build high-quality synthetic DNA, mRNA and libraries on the BioXp™ 3250.

The BioXp™ system

A paradigm shift for synthetic biology

The world’s only fully automated benchtop instrument that enables numerous synthetic biology workflows by providing a turn-key, end-to-end solution for generating synthetic DNA fragments, clones, mRNA and libraries starting from DNA sequence.

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Simple to use

1. Submit DNA sequence and vector(s) of choice in BioXp™ portal

2. Load BioXp™ 3250 kits

3. Push button + walk away

Hands-free runtime:
8–24 hours

Product ready for use

"I ordered gene fragments on the BioXp™ reagent ordering portal, completed construction of five vaccine candidates against SARS-CoV-2, sequence-verified, manufactured RNA for animal testing, and immunized mice in just eight days."

Jesse Erasmus, PhD | University of Washington

"Thanks to the BioXp™ system, the time required to go from understanding and ordering a digital sequence to functional testing of a given TCR has gone from over three weeks to under three days — I am amazed and grateful."

Stephen Schoenberger, PhD | La Jolla Institute of Immunology

GCSB 2021 poster

Automated solution for streamlined variant library construction for nanobody-based vaccine development

We are a proud sponsor of German SynBio virtual conference 2021. The poster presented at GCBI demonstrated that BioXp™ system has helped a Belgian research team rapidly, accurately, and reproducibly build their antibody libraries, thus accelerating their research to show the potential of bivalent VHH-Fc region fusions as delivery vehicles for vaccine antigens.


Case study: How Cellibre transformed enzyme engineering with Codex DNA

Scientists at the biotech startup Cellibre scientists teamed up with the Codex DNA scientists to identify a novel enzyme for cannabinoid production and hone its performance using targeted libraries from Codex DNA — doing so much faster and more cost-effectively than any other method would have allowed.

“Targeted libraries allowed us to make very complex designs that we normally would not be able to test. The Codex DNA approach gives us whatever mutations we want, and the data we get are so much more powerful and more predictive.”
— Russell Komor, Director of biochemistry at Cellibre


Application note

Harnessing the power of the BioXp™ system to combat COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2

Learn how you can use the BioXp™ system to create custom DNA in the fight against the coronavirus.


Improvements in target validation rates by automating and streamlining antibody production

Case study: Adopting the BioXp™ system compresses design-build-test cycle times and increases pipeline by 25% for one biopharmaceutical company developing an antibody-based therapeutic

Engineered T cells have been used successfully to treat several leukemias and solid tumors. However, building and screening engineered T cell receptors is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Learn how a biopharmaceutical company transitioned from a traditional method of building expression constructs for chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) to an automated method using the BioXp™ system. The BioXp™ system is the world’s first and only commercially available push-button automated platform for on-demand synthesis of DNA fragments, libraries, and more. The traditional method relied on manual processes for DNA fragment synthesis, cloning, and tracking the reactions. The large number of candidates required for screening made this method prone to human error, cumbersome, and complicated. Adopting the BioXp™ system streamlined the building of expression constructs, eliminating several manual processes from the workflow, and accelerated the identification of lead candidates.


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