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Laurence Warden

Laurence Warden

Vice President of Engineering and Instrumentation

Laurence Warden is Vice President of Engineering and Instrumentation at Codex DNA. Laurence has more than 30 years of experience developing class-leading lab instrumentation and medical diagnostics devices in a startup environment, building engineering teams, and launching paradigm-shifting products to market.

Laurence joined Codex DNA in 2013 (at that time a subsidiary of Synthetic Genomics) to build an engineering team to design and commercialize the BioXp™ 3200. During his tenure at the company, he has managed several functions within the organization, including Technical Support, Instrument, Manufacturing and Quality Control.

During his career, Mr. Warden has developed class 1 thru 3 medical devices, including intravenous infusion pumps for IMED Corporation, non-invasive superconducting neural diagnostic systems for Biomagnetic Technologies, Inc., a wavefront-based ophthalmic diagnostic device for Ophthonix , Inc., and a laser-based 3D dental imaging and CNC crown and inlay manufacturing system for Glidewell Labs. In the laboratory system field, Mr. Warden led mechanical development of Accumetric’s point-of-care whole-blood assay system, as well as the instrument portion of Genicon Sciences’s system for ultra-low level detection of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Mr. Warden holds more than 30 US patents and has received numerous awards for both the technical and design aspects of products developed under his supervision.

Laurence received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from San Diego State University in 1987.

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