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  12/15/2021 | Newsweek Magazine

America's Greatest Disruptors: Mind Blowers

Co-Founder and CTO of Codex DNA, Dan Gibson was featured as one of America’s Greatest Disruptors by Newsweek magazine. Learn more about Dan and his team of scientists at Codex DNA and their journey of innovation in synthetic biology.

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  05/11/2022 | Technology Networks

Enzymatic Approaches Promise To Bring DNA Synthesis Back to Labs

Dan Gibson, CTO of Codex DNA, shares how enzymatic DNA synthesis (EDS), a new generation of synthesis technologies, promises to deliver in-house synthesis capabilities so scientists can make the yield of DNA required without generating hazardous waste byproducts. With an EDS-based platform in the lab, researchers can build DNA on-demand, rather than having to wait days or weeks for a vendor to manufacture and ship it.

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  05/02/2022 | GEN News

Proven mRNA Technologies Embolden Vaccine and Drug Makers

In the vaccine industry, as well as in the broader pharmaceutical industry, expectations for mRNA technology used to be modest. But all that changed with the urgent response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, the world witnessed a pair of mRNA breakthroughs. Krishna Kannan, PhD, director of research and development at Codex DNA asserts that the Codex DNA BioXp™ system is the first benchtop system for the synthesis of biopolymers. Kannan describes how a Codex DNA user can print DNA or mRNA for testing vaccines against viruses such as SARS-CoV-2: To start, the customer inputs the desired sequence into the company’s web portal.

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  04/27/2022 | The Living Revolution with Dr. John Gill

Digital-to-Biological Converter

Without the ability to synthesize DNA, biotechnology would not be a shred of what it is today. In this episode, Codex DNA’s Senior Director of Research and Development, Dr. John Gill, talks to us about the future of DNA synthesis technology and how he and those working at Codex DNA are trying to bring DNA synthesis to the lab bench. This innovative technology will massively increase productivity by reducing the time it takes for DNA to arrive from external producers. The methods used are also non-toxic, providing a better alternative to current DNA synthesis technologies that produce toxic chemicals.

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  5/3/2022 | Fast Company

2022 Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards: pandemic response category

We’re honored that our BioXp™ mRNA small-scale synthesis kit was selected as an honoree for the 2022 Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards for the pandemic response category. We couldn’t be prouder for playing a key role in providing the scientific community with the tools needed to fight the pandemic.

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  2/8/2022 | Biocompare

New Technologies for Vaccine Development

The all-encompassing devastation that SARS-CoV-2 has brought to the world has sparked urgency in improving vaccine development as current standards are not always effective and are also time-consuming. Codex DNA’s BioXp™ system is tackling issues associated with generating vaccines through its automated approach by synthesizing custom DNA overnight, eliminating the need for cells and eggs to incubate the virus, and shortening the virus production process from months to days.

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  1/25/2022 | NBC 7 San Diego

San Diego-Based Company Signs Deal with Pfizer to Speed Up Vaccine Production

A San Diego-based company, Codex DNA, just signed a licensing deal with Pfizer intended to help speed up the production of vaccines. The company’s CEO, Todd Nelson, gave NBC 7’s Madison Weil a tour of a laboratory on Monday, demonstrating how their unique technology could change the way vaccines are made worldwide.

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  6/30/21 | GEN News

Seven Up-and-Coming COVID-19 Drugs

Codex DNA’s recombinant SARS-CoV-2 genomes serve as quality-assured source material used by industry and academic researchers to study mechanisms of viral infection, transmission, and pathogenesis. The company’s BioXp™ and industry-standard Gibson Assembly technologies facilitate rapid de novo synthesis and assembly of emerging variants.

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  10/12/21 | Labcompare

How Synthetic Biology Has Shaped COVID-19

Innovations in DNA and RNA synthesis technologies have made a meaningful difference in the battle against COVID-19. Automating steps involved in synthetic biology — including DNA and RNA synthesis — has been essential to how synthetic biology has shaped the COVID-19 response. Enhancing the current automation platforms and continuing to automate manual steps will be crucial for building on the momentum of synthetic biology and expanding its benefits to areas beyond infectious disease such as cancer, metabolic and genetic disorders.

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  10/10/21 | San Diego Union-Tribune

An insect could be the end of citrus in California

Citrus greening is a fatal plant disease that could wipe out an entire industry if left unchecked. In collaboration with the University of Florida, the University of California at Riverside, USDA, Cornell University, and Agrosource, scientists at Codex DNA will participate in a recently funded grant to tackle this disease. The Codex DNA team is using the Vmax™ X2 product line for developing a therapeutic molecule discovery platform.

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  11/12/2021 | San Diego Union-Tribune

Codex DNA buys Eton Bioscience for $13m as San Diego synthetic biology firms join forces

Codex DNA, fresh off raising $122 million in an initial public stock offering in June, has inked a deal to buy privately held Eton Bioscience — combining two of San Diego’s synthetic biology tools and services companies. Codex DNA will pay $13 million for Eton, which provides therapeutic discovery services ranging from DNA sequencing to rapid, inexpensive copying of certain biological fragments for research.

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  4/13/21 | San Diego Business Journal

Co. Releases Full-Length Synthetic Genome of COVID-19 Variants

Codex DNA released the world’s first full-length synthetic genomes of the SARS-CoV-2 variants to help researchers develop the life-saving therapies and vaccines needed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. Codex DNA’s technology saves companies time during the design-build-test phase of their work and streamlines what was once an inefficient process of extracting DNA for analysis.

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  5/5/21 | You Should Know This podcast by BCC Research

The Future of Synthetic Genomes with Codex DNA

Codex DNA’s creation and release of the world’s first full-length synthetic genomes for the three COVID-19 virus variants is a game-changer, not just for the pandemic but for the approach scientists will bring to future health crises. We sat down with Jason Lehmann, product marketing manager for Codex DNA, to dive into the creation of genomes, how Codex DNA responded to the pandemic and the future of synthetic DNA.

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  9/2/21 | San Diego Business Journal

Codex DNA Releases Full-Length Synthetic Genome for Highly Infectious SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant

Codex DNA announced that it released its first full-length synthetic genome for the highly infectious Delta variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (B.1.617 lineage). The latest genome for the Delta variant was sequenced using the company’s BioXp™ 3250 system, a fully automated synthetic biology benchtop workstation for rapid, accurate, and reproducible writing of DNA and mRNA.

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  11/29/2021 | San Diego Business Journal

SD 500

Todd Nelson, President, and CEO of Codex DNA was listed on San Diego Business Journal’s SD 500, being named one of the most influential people in health and life sciences in San Diego. Todd joins a list of 500 incredible community business leaders from various industries working towards the city’s economic prosperity.

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