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In our DNA: Ted Alejandre. Senior Manager, Commercial Analytics

December 15, 2021  |  Codex DNA

We’re continuing our blog series, looking at the DNA of Codex DNA — our incredible employees and their stories.

Team member: Ted Alejandre. Senior Manager, Commercial Analytics

Came aboard: April, 2021.

What do you do at Codex DNA?
I manage the development of our analytics program, primarily leading the analytics team to create a solid database infrastructure, self-service hierarchical governed reporting, and beneficial analysis for end users across the organization. I personally oversee the resulting analysis, presentation, and recommendations to the SLT to drive business growth by identifying opportunities, risks and ultimately influencing strategy through data.

How did you get into that kind of work?
A former colleague in biotech had reached out to me and shared a compelling opportunity to lead the analytics initiative at a company primed to accelerate healthcare worldwide utilizing state-of-the-art synthetic biology applications. It sounded like a fantastic opportunity and I’m glad I pursued it.

How would you describe the company culture?
It’s both comfortable and dynamic at the same time. There are many incredible individuals to meet, learn from, and grow with. On top of developing strong work relationships, I’ve also had the pleasure to interact with them personally, especially as the People + Culture team does a great job of promoting and celebrating teams’ accomplishments. We both work and play hard – everyone sees the value in what we do for the world.

How would you describe synthetic biology to non-scientists?
I would say synthetic biology is a way to train and order biology to work in a beneficial way, whether it is making your cells function better, stopping deleterious effects of viruses, or allowing industry to utilize biology to useful products for society.

What’s something fun about working at Codex DNA?
I enjoy the employee events that People + Culture organizes for the holidays, like recently Halloween and Thanksgiving. There’s a great dynamic with everyone on the team, and it’s fun to get together outside of work as well.

What was the first thing you ever wanted to be when you grew up?
An NBA superstar. Like Shaq, I wanted to be a renaissance man – playing basketball, music and acting as the key parts.

How do you see synthetic biology changing the world?
I think it gets us closer to automated personalized healthcare. The great thing is that Codex DNA has shown how many different aspects of synthetic biology it can make a difference in. Everything from creating the impossible burger, agriculture, and business, to being able to address the pandemic in real-time with personalized vaccines. I think that it’s a fundamental cornerstone for what we will do in the future of healthcare and biotech.

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