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PEGS Europe 2021: The Recap

November 12, 2021

The Codex DNA team recently attended PEGS Europe, held this year in Barcelona, Spain. With over 200 speakers including 15 keynote addresses, the conference brings together scientific professionals to discuss the latest developments in protein and antibody engineering, cell and gene therapy analytics, and protein purification technologies. It was great to make face-to-face connections at this live event with colleagues who share similar interests and challenges in these important areas of research.

Out of all the great scientific presentations, one of our favorites was from Dr. Stephen Schoenberger of the La Jolla Institute for Immunology. In his talk entitled “Leveraging the Power of Synthetic Biology in Neoantigen Discovery,” Schoenberger discussed promising data from his group’s IPV platform. By leveraging tumor sequencing data, patient blood samples, and a novel bioinformatics algorithm, researchers can now identify and verify neoantigen vaccine targets at an impressive 20-fold higher success rate than any other method. This promising platform should enable new therapeutic interventions in the form of personalized cancer vaccines. The IPV platform has been used to identify neoantigens in 18 solid tumor types and is currently in Phase 1b clinical trials. Schoenberger also presented data demonstrating that optimal vaccine potency synergistically targets both CD4 and CD8 T cells to drive prophylactic and therapeutic immunity.

PEGS Europe 2021: The Recap

During the presentation, Codex DNA was proud to hear that our BioXp™ system had enabled the rapid functional screening of vaccine candidates by delivering on demand synthesis of TCR sequences. Protein engineering is a key application of our synthetic biology solutions and illustrates how rapid delivery of DNA and mRNA fragments, clones, and libraries can accelerate researcher workflows. By bypassing the long lead times associated with outsourcing custom-built DNA libraries, our technology overcomes a major bottleneck for biologics and protein engineering programs.

The BioXp™ system is the world’s only fully automated benchtop instrument that enables numerous synthetic biology workflows by providing a turn-key, end-to-end solution for generating synthetic DNA and mRNA starting from DNA sequence.

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