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With mRNA Capping Technology, We’re Improving Synthesis Yields

August 11, 2021  |  Codex DNA

If you’re working with synthetic mRNA, we have exciting news to share. In addition to releasing a new workflow earlier this year that makes it possible to synthesize mRNA form pooled oligos in a single overnight run on our BioXp™ system, we are now adding improvements to increase productivity and yields for mRNA synthesis. This opens the doors for a broader range of downstream mRNA-based discovery applications, and supports Codex DNA’s overarching goal to support acceleration of therapeutic and vaccine applications.

These latest improvements come from our partnership with scientists at TriLink Biotechnologies, part of Maravai LifeSciences, and incorporating their industry-leading CleanCap® technology into our suite of automated mRNA synthesis kits for the BioXp system as well as our BioFoundry Services offering.

Our new BioXp small-scale mRNA synthesis kit with CleanCap reagents is expected to overcome many challenges associated with the development of mRNA-based therapeutics and vaccines by increasing the yields and productivity of synthetically designed mRNA products. Conventional techniques for building mRNA require a fully manual, multi-step process that is tedious and often fraught with technical difficulties and bottlenecks that require long turnaround times.

Now, Codex DNA customers will have the option to generate up to 16 biologically active mRNA constructs at a yield of at least 10 micrograms each from fully de novo synthesized and error-corrected genes in a single automated run. These combined technologies increase the fraction of translationally active mRNA during transcription, which simplifies and shortens the mRNA manufacturing process and results in higher levels of protein production.

Learn more about BioXp workflows for mRNA synthesis.

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