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Codex DNA and MBC Biolabs partner for discovery and automation of synthetic biology applications

June 30, 2021  |  Codex DNA

We’re thrilled to announce the partnership with MBC Biolabs, a premier biotech incubator in the Bay Area. Under the terms of the collaboration, MBC Biolabs will leverage Codex DNA’s BioXp™ system to empower entrepreneurs in life sciences research with the end-to-end solutions they need to design, code, and create synthetic DNA and mRNA rapidly and securely. The BioXp™ will be accessible by the resident companies in all three MBC Biolabs locations, including two in San Carlos and another in San Francisco. The sequences of potential gene fragments will then be submitted to Codex DNA for everything from personalized medicines, biologics, and drug discovery, to vaccine development and genome editing.

This partnership enables innovative research across a wide range of high-throughput sequencing applications, bringing together two teams focused on innovation and execution to accelerate scientific research and development.

Codex DNA continues to explore ways to support the scientific community with automated synthetic biology applications that create an impact on the public health system. We believe that Codex DNA’s expertise in building synthetic biology — paired with the unprecedented talent at MBC Biolabs — opens new opportunities for the accelerated development of drug discovery and therapeutics. Currently, Codex DNA is the only company in the market offering a fully automated instrument for DNA and mRNA design, synthesis, cloning, and amplification. Codex DNA is proud to provide customers with complete control of the entire synthesis and assembly workflow in their laboratory, enabling them to protect IP designs, avoid costly outsourcing options, and get results faster.

Codex DNA always welcomes the opportunity to learn more about how they can contribute to scientific research. The expertise of our support team is always available to identify how they can help reduce project timelines, build more complex constructs, and accelerate the discovery process in creating synthetic DNA. Contact us at

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