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RNA Society Conference Recap: Here’s What You Missed

June 16, 2021

Earlier this month, the Codex DNA team attended the RNA Society conference (all virtual in 2021) to discuss hot topics and relevant content for those responsible for leading their labs through the latest rounds of challenges and crossroads. A benefit of being a market leader in the synthetic biology space is the access we have to exceptional resources and industry events to partner and participate in educational sessions. We’ll fill you in with the key takeaways from this year’s conference.

Many topics were covered during the RNA Society Conference, including CRISPR-Cas applications as well as ribozyme and riboswitches. Our BioXp™ technology can be used in both types of this research. For example, our automated BioXp technology enables ribozyme researchers to build combinatorial libraries and rapidly explore ribozyme sequences to better understand their role in gene synthesis. Automating the process of creating these libraries as well as other workflows with the BioXp lends itself to producing faster, reproducible and higher-quality results, getting much closer to the desired end point of the discovery process. We’re excited to see our innovative BioXp technology empower the research community to advance scientific discoveries.

Another excellent keynote address was by Prof. Xiang-Dong Fu of the of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at University of California, San Diego, where he discussed impressive work coming out of his lab for leveraging genome-wide analysis of splicing regulators to identify a Pol II subunit RPB9 involved in co-transcriptional mRNA splicing in mammalian genomes, which furthers our understanding of how RNA polymerases catalyze transcription of DNA into RNA.

Other important themes that were discussed in the field of RNA sequencing were the decoding of CD19 alternative splicing, microRNA processing sites, RBP interactomes, cis-RNP assemblies, and of course, culminating with the 2021 Elisa Izaurralde Award talk by Gene Yeo on developing single-cell studies of RNA binding protein interactions.

We are proud to help sponsor the RNA Society Conference this year and we look forward to continuing to partner with the RNA research community to enable future discoveries through our automated synthetic biology workflows and services.

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