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PEGS 2021: Protein engineering in the spotlight

June 2, 2021  |  Codex DNA

Earlier this month the Codex DNA team attended the PEGS Boston Summit, held this year as a virtual event. This important conference has been around for more than 15 years and is well known as a great resource to learn about the latest in protein engineering, from antibody development and immunotherapy to protein expression and new biologics.

The PEGS Boston Summit taps into a wealth of exciting research, much of it taking place in drug discovery and development programs at pharma and biotech companies. The ability to engineer proteins and antibodies has paved the way for entirely new treatment options for some of the most challenging diseases, including cancer. The recent rapid expansion of approved monoclonal antibody therapies is one example of how impressive science is currently being translated into human health.

This year’s keynote speaker has made remarkable contributions to the field of protein engineering. David Baker from the University of Washington is perhaps best known for his computational work in predicting protein structure and for organizing community competitions to help improve prediction tools. Currently, his team is designing novel proteins for a range of applications, and we were eager to hear about his latest accomplishments.

At Codex DNA, protein engineering is a key application for our automated gene synthesis technology, and a terrific illustration of how rapid delivery times for DNA fragments, clones, and libraries can accelerate researcher workflows. By bypassing the long lead times associated with outsourcing custom-built DNA libraries, our technology overcomes a major barrier facing biologics and protein engineering programs.

Our BioXp™ system provides hands-free, end-to-end automation for generating combinatorial libraries, variant gene fragments, and cloning into user-defined vectors. Available as both a benchtop instrument in your lab, as well as through our BioXp™ biofoundry services, the system enables 20–50x productivity increases in the design and build phases of product development cycles.

With the BioXp™ system, scientists can synthesize up to 32 libraries in 24 hours (once the reagents are received), compared to traditional methods, which can take weeks to months.

To learn more, check out this case study about a biopharma company that used the BioXp™ system to compress their design-build-test cycle times and increase their antibody therapeutic program pipeline by 25%.

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