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Codex DNA: Building biology for the betterment of all

August 19, 2020

When it comes to improving life, there is no science more exciting than synthetic biology. The more we learn from reading the DNA or RNA code of every organism on this planet, the better equipped we are to make significant advances by writing in that same code. Engineered yeast that can sustainably produce valuable manufacturing components? Check. Using the genome of SARS-CoV-2 to develop vaccine candidates in record time? Check. Many of the most urgent challenges we face can be addressed with synthetic biology.

Addressing these urgent challenges is what drives the team at Codex DNA. We are building biology for the betterment of all living things. Codex DNA accelerates advances in the fields of personalized medicine, antibody engineering, vaccine development, biologics drug discovery, and more. We empower researchers with the hardware, software, materials, and methodologies required to rapidly and accurately write large quantities of synthetic genes in their own labs. Our goal is to decentralize DNA synthesis and bring the potential for creating life-changing improvements to all biology labs.

Our unique and innovative portfolio of synthetic biology tools powers this mission, which reduces the turnaround time for synthesizing biological workflows from weeks and months down to days and hours. We created the BioXp™ system – the world’s only fully automated, benchtop platform for synthetic biology workflows – coupled with the industry-standard Gibson Assembly® methodology. With these tools, researchers can rapidly and securely design, code, and synthesize DNA, RNA, proteins, antibodies, and more. Importantly, our approach ensures that scientists’ designs never leave their lab — an essential security feature to support innovation in vaccine development and biologics drug discovery, among other areas.

Codex DNA has a rich history in synthetic biology. We began as a division of Synthetic Genomics, Inc., based on DNA assembly technology from our founder, Dan Gibson. Initially known as SGI-DNA, we spun out into our own company in March 2019. We have since selected a name that reflects where we’re going, rather than where we’ve been.

We chose our new name, Codex DNA, with care. A codex is an ancient manuscript — and there’s no manuscript more ancient or more meaningful than the code written into the DNA or RNA of every living thing on this planet. Just as software developers use code to build applications, Codex DNA helps scientists code DNA to build biology.

We look forward to showcasing the great work our customers and team members are doing on this blog in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned!

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