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SGI-DNA Secures $25 Million Series A Financing to Support Commercial Launch

Company using capital for the global commercial launch of the BioXp™ 3200 Gene Builder — a fully automated gene synthesis and cloning platform powered by Gibson Assembly® Technology — and execution of its product roadmap for automated printing of biological materials and DNA data storage

September 9, 2019 | Codex DNA

SAN DIEGO – (BUSINESS WIRE) – SGI-DNA, a company dedicated to developing transformative synthetic genomics technologies and revolutionary DNA data storage solutions, has completed a $25 million Series A financing round led by Northpond Ventures, with participation from Oxford Finance and BroadOak Capital Partners. Proceeds of the financing will support the global commercial launch of the industry’s first fully automated gene synthesis platform, further development of solutions that consolidate synthetic biology workflows, and the expansion of automated Gibson Assembly® applications, including an instrument that converts digitized DNA code to biological entities and a novel suite of DNA data storage solutions.

Todd R. Nelson Ph.D., CEO of SGI-DNA stated, “We are very pleased to have a team of investors whose collective expertise will be critical to our successfully addressing several significant market opportunities related to the synthetic genomics and DNA data storage markets.”

Nelson continued, “The global commercial launch of the BioXp™ System marks an important point in the advancement of the synthetic genomics industry. Our fully automated, high fidelity gene printer ushers in a new era wherein researchers will never need to clone a gene again. For the first time in history, we’ve empowered researchers worldwide with the tools to dramatically accelerate workflows related to protein engineering, synthesis of biological libraries for drug discovery, and CRISPR genome editing. Simply put, what used to take up to six weeks can now be performed within a few hours and with only the push of a button.”

In addition to the continuous commercial licensing of SGI-DNA’s Gibson Assembly intellectual property estate, comprising over 50 issued patents, the company will accelerate the development of innovative solutions, including the DBC System (Digital-to-Biological Converter) for on-demand printing of biological materials such as therapeutics and vaccines, proprietary approaches to DNA synthesis, and DNA data storage. Leveraging their Gibson Assembly Technology, SGI-DNA is well positioned to emerge as the leader in digital synthetic biology.

“Our proprietary synthetic DNA technologies have made possible numerous scientific firsts including the first synthetic genomes and cells, and enabling the development of the BioXp and DBC automation platforms,” Dan Gibson Ph.D., CTO and Co-Founder of SGI-DNA commented. “We are thrilled to empower customers worldwide with our growing portfolio of synthetic genomics toolsets and instruments for emerging digital DNA applications.”

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